About Us

We are a registered (Trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, Reg No: 1097/2009), nongovernmental, not for profit organization committed to work for the victims of cyber crime in India. We do not offer to work as detectives and we are not Cyber Police. We will help you to understand the nature of the crime that has happened to you, will help you to take action against the offender, will counsel you to come out of the trauma you have gone through, will guide you to understand the present legal scenario and help you to reach the police, if you need police assistance. Our Directors, Dr. Debarati Halder is a Lawyer / Expert in cyber laws and Dr. K. Jaishankar is a leading cyber criminologist.

For whom we work

1. Victims of Cyber Harassment/Cyber Hate
2. Victims of Cyber Stalking/bullying
3. Victims of Identity theft
4. Victims of Social Networking Sites (Orkut, Facebook, Myspace etc.,)
5. Women Victims
6. Teen Victims
7. Schools and Colleges
You can also avail our services for preparing policy guidelines related to cyber protection and cyber safety. (Currently our services are offered only for Indian victims residing in India or abroad (NRI's). In the near future the services may be extended to other nationals also. However, if any foreign national contact us they would be referred to our partner organizations in those countries).


How do we work

You may submit the online form and put your problem there in. We will reach you immediately after we receive your mail. We would help you in your problems. We work online 24/7. We promise complete confidentiality. Please note: We do not intend to attack any individual. Hence do not expect that we will suo motu contact the “harasser” without your “green signal”. Also we will not heed to any of your request regarding any "hacking" of someone's email or website and tracking someone online.


Do we charge for our services?

All our services are free for victims of cyber crimes. However, we may charge a small fee for corporates and educational institutions.



For individuals:
* We counsell persons who are either a victim in the social networking websites, or a victim of cyber harassment via email or chat rooms or offending websites. We cater the needs of all cyber victims including men, women and children.
* As cyber law experts we will also guide you to understand the present Indian law regarding your case. If you need to go to the police or the court, you may provide our “help” as “evidences” through your lawyer. However, you must ask for our permission for reusing our “solutions” even when you are taking them to the courts.
For Corporations
* We offer to teach cyber safety and protection guidelines or you may even have us physically to talk about cyber safety to the members of your organization.
* We can help you with valuable tips to control problems involving electronic contracts, identity theft and workplace gender harassment through Internet .
For Educational Institutions
* You can have us for developing cyber awareness programme for students.
* We offer to make policy guidelines for cyber safety programme in schools and colleges.
* We seek the support of institutional heads, teachers, parents and individuals to refer us for problems like cyber bullying in the schools and educational institutions, cyber harassment, online and related offline stalking of the students and teachers etc.


Mission of our Organization

1. To counsell victims of cyber crime, and to work for the prevention of crime in the cyber space
2. To protect potential victims from cyber crimes.
3. To disseminate the knowledge of Cyber Crime, Laws and to undertake preventive measures.
4. To publish journals, newsletters, books, pamphlets, booklets and other periodicals and also develop audio-visual materials on cyber crime and distribute the same to increase and improve the awareness of cyber crime in India.
5. To hold conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, and other scientific meetings and dissemination of information on cyber crime and for spreading awareness about cyber crime and preventive measures.
6. To align, associate, network with law firms/colleges/universities/corporations/academics/social workers, who work with a social concern for cyber victims.

7. To offer consultation and other expert services for prevention of cyber crime in India and other countries.
8. To liaise, coordinate, cooperate, network and develop linkages and other suitable mechanisms and protection of cyber victims and spread awareness about cyber crime preventive measures in India and other countries.
9. To start suitable and appropriate measures to control and prevent cyber victimization in India and other countries.



Feeling Victimized?

Contact Us. We will get back to you immediately and we assure Confidentiality.


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Contact information

Dr. Debarati Halder, Honorary Managing Director, CCVC, 
Ahmedabad 24 Gujarat India.
E-mails: ccvcindia@cybervictims.org