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Cyber crime happens to almost everyone who has an e-mail id, who is a member of a social networking website or even who is doing online transaction to carry on business. But you never know how it is happening unless you become a victim. The impact of victimization may be such that you may need to either hide yourself from the real world or you may run from one police station to another to make them understand what has happened to you and how did it happen. India has a developing cyber law (the current IT Act is not a full fledged law on cyber crimes). Many may not know the exact implications and usages of the cyber law to Internet crimes targeting individuals. Women especially feel “left nowhere” when they become victims of cyber stalking or harassment. We are to here to hear your problems and provide counselling and guidance. All our services are free for the cyber victims. You need not spend anything, but just the time to mail us; you need not get to see wired, inquisitive faces anxious to hear your “private story” and then the “insult” of being told “it is not a “crime” hence we cannot handle it”. Our expert directors have handled cyber crime cases nationally as well as internationally and they have empathized with the victims. If you are a cyber victim don't hesitate to contact us.



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CCVC is a registered NGO committed to work for the cyber victims.


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Dr. Debarati Halder, Honorary Managing Director, CCVC, 
Ahmedabad 24 Gujarat, India.
E-mails: ccvcindia@cybervictims.org